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この音楽ストーリーは、D.Kerrison氏によって物語が作られ作曲されました。今回、作曲家とダンサーのコラボレーションによって上演を試みます。少女のダンスに対する思いと少女の心を緊張させる夢どろぼうの不気味な混乱、そして脅威の技術で踊るピクシ-クイーンのダンスが背景のコンピューター映像とあいからまってKerrison氏の音楽との掛け合いに戦慄がはしります。 EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会 助成 独立行政法人日本万国博覧会記念機構

Mia, a young dancer, desires to follow her inner craving to become a professional dancer. As she practices she tries to develop her own style, but she is ridiculed and chastised by her fellow dancers because she is trying to be different. She feels they are trying to steal her dreams and ambitions. As the Dream Stealer gains power over Mia, Mia receives help from an unexpected source. Finding herself in the Pixie World, a place her fellow dancers cannot see, she gains the help and guidance she disparately needs. Mia keeps the secret to the entrance of the Pixie World, and finally achieves her desires.


A very successful event with more than 700 guests. I was especially impressed by the young dancers who really put a tremendous effort into giving an excellent performance. The stage designers, stage hands, lighting crew, and all who were involved put such effort to create a great event. The only disappointment was the orchestra who did not rehearse, at all, and then seemed to think that only they should be paid. Just for turning up! It is a pity that they did not understand the opportunity. Such an unprofessional attitude.


MP3 Tracks

  • SCENE#1 Prolog

  • SCENE#2 The Dark Forest

  • SCENE#3 Open Heart

  • SCENE#4 Broken Dreams

  • SCENE#5 Dream Stealer



  • SCENE#6 Entertainment

  • SCENE#7 The Battle

  • SCENE#8 L:ament

  • SCENE#9 The Party

  • SCENE#10 Tears


Scene Selection

  • Prolog

    Scene 1

  • The Dark Forest

    Scene 2

  • Broken Dreams 1

    Scene 3

  • Broken Dreams 2

    Scene 4

  • Dream Stealer

    Scene 5

  • Enlightenment

    Scene 6

  • The Battle

    Scene 7

  • Lament

    Scene 8

  • Party

    Scene 9

  • Credeits

    Scene 10

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